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44 of the Best International Travel Blogs

Posted June 22nd, 2010
by Staff

The world is a big place and people love to see it in person. With all of the exotic locations that international travelling offers, it is no surprise that millions of people travel the world every year. Some people take short trips and vacations, while serious travelers do it full-time. These travelers leave their lives and sense of security behind in exchange for a life of freedom on the road.

With so many people exploring the realms of the world, there is no shortage of travel blogs. Travelers share their personal experiences and give advice and suggestions to other prospective travelers. From the amateur traveler to the seasoned, full-time traveler, each person has a story to share.

  1. Lonely Planet – Travel guides, discussions, suggestions on places to see, and traveling tips.
  2. Blogabond – Collection of travel blogs from independent travelers discussing their personal travels around the world.
  3. Vagablogging: Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding Blog – One man’s personal blog entailing all of his travels, thoughts, pictures, and advice.
  4. Old World Wandering – A couple recounts their journey through Europe and Asia, on their way to live in Shanghai.
  5. Karie and Scott: Our European Adventure – A couple discusses their traveling experience through Europe as they make their way to Barcelona.
  6. Family Travel – A family tells their travel stories and gives tips and advice to other families that want to travel together.
  7. Uncornered Market – After a couple quit their jobs to see the world, they detail their adventures through China, Germany and other countries.
  8. Soul Travelers 3 – A family of three share their stories as they travel around the world.
  9. The Lost Girls – Three friends travel the world and share their stories, tips, and advice for other travelers.
  10. Globestompers – A man talks about his world travels after he gave up his life as a sales executive in favor of traveling.
  11. One Year on Earth – Newlyweds take one year to travel all over the world.
  12. Travel Betty – A blog targeted to women travelers, written by a woman that has seen many parts of the world.
  13. Ott’s World – A woman takes a year off from corporate America to travel to all of the places she always dreamed of going.
  14. Trail of Ants – A man named Ant discusses his two-year trip around the world.
  15. Vagabonding – A man named Mike talks about his one-year journey through Asia and Africa.
  16. Overland Tales – A man takes not only one, but two trips around the world and details his travels.
  17. Renny BA’s Terella – A man tells about exploring all the things Norway has to offer.
  18. Reflections in the Nile – An English woman speaks about her journey and experiences in Egypt.
  19. Olga, the Traveling Bra – A humorous blog following the travels of Olga, a black and lacy bra.
  20. Michael J. Totten – A journalist tells his daily story of living and traveling in the Middle East.
  21. Candy from Strangers – A woman with a love for candy travels the world to experience candy from all over the world.
  22. Everything, Everywhere – One man’s detailed account of traveling the world on his own.
  23. Hedgehogs Without Borders – A young couple’s 18-month trip around the world and their eventual engagement.
  24. One Week Job – A man works his way around the world, taking on different jobs at every destination to pay for his trip.
  25. Ed’s Gone South – A man journeys across South America on a motorcycle.
  26. The World by Sea – Two friends tell their story about traveling the world on a boat, including their charitable efforts at different destinations.
  27. Lifecruiser – A husband and wife travel around Sweden and other countries on a boat.
  28. Eating Asia – A food-focused blog about a couple’s journey through Asia and the foods that they dine upon.
  29. Amateur Traveler – A compilation of stories, tips and advice from different world travelers.
  30. Killing Batteries – Highly detailed blog from a travel writer giving specific information about each place he visits.
  31. Viator Travel Blog – Numerous travelers share their experiences and give advice and helpful suggestions.
  32. Nomad 4 Ever – Inspirational blog by a man traveling in Southeast Asia and living a nomadic lifestyle.
  33. Nerd’s Eye View – A woman’s journal about her travels around the world, capturing the perspective of the stereotypical “nerd”.
  34. Budget Trouble – An outspoken woman shares her experiences traveling all over the world.
  35. Notes from the Road – Beautiful photographs compliment one man’s blog about his world travel destinations.
  36. Underneath the Mango Tree – A writer details his own experiences traveling to different places around the world.
  37. Chris Around the World – A travel journalist gives advice and tips on travel and details her own personal travel experiences.
  38. The Practical Nomad – Writer tells of his own journeys around the world and gives practical information on travel, including advice on destinations and getting the best deals.
  39. Contemporary Nomad – Two men leave their jobs and their lives behind to travel the world.
  40. The Professional Hobo – A writer left her secure lifestyle to travel the world, getting some of her expenses paid by trading labor for accommodations.
  41. The Tranquilo Traveler – A man focuses his travels on Central America.
  42. Wanderlust and Lipstick – A blog geared toward women that travel the world. Includes the experiences of different women travelers, advice, and suggestions.
  43. A Luxury Travel Blog – Focused on the finer side of traveling. Includes luxurious destinations suggestions and advice on fine dining and accommodations.
  44. The Man in Seat Sixty-One – A man’s account of traveling through different countries by train. Includes tips and advice for other train travelers.

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