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45 Blogs that Offer First Class Travel Advice

Posted May 31st, 2010
by Staff

Everyone loves to travel, but there are always frustrating times while traveling, especially with many of the modern day restrictions and screenings involved while just trying to board an airplane. People are willing to deal with that though because they know it is for safety reasons and once you do arrive at your vacation destination you quickly forget about the small hassles that annoyed you on the way. Here are 45 blogs that offer excellent travel advice that can help make your trip a bit easier, and some may even help you find a new vacation spot for your next trip.

  1. Peter Greenberg’s Travel Detective Blog – Travel news and tips from Peter Greenberg with great tips, advice, and all kinds of other travel news and notes.
  2. Euro Cheapo – Budget travel tips and advice, why not save some money on your next vacation.
  3. An American Stranger – Excellent travel blog, the quote in the site description is a great one as well – “A wise traveler never despises his own country.” – Carlo Goldoni
  4. Art of Backpacking – Another top notch niche travel blog, if you are into backpacking then this blog is a must read.
  5. Travels with a Nine Year Old – A nice blog about traveling with kids, the blog is mainly about travel but does cover some other subjects as well.
  6. Abandon the Cube – Abandon the Cube has travel photos, guides, tips, adventures, and experiences about the histories and cultures of the places they’ve been.
  7. Uncommon Travel – Also a blogger for Lonely Planet, Gail Walter runs a first class blog about travel here. The writing is outstanding and her descriptions make you feel as if you’ve been to the places she’s writing about.
  8. Miss Travel Girl – Miss Travel Girl is the blog of Rachel, she suffers from a syndrome that causes slow progression of blindness and deafness. She is travelling the world to appreciate as much as can while she still has usable vision.
  9. Contemporary Nomad – Modern day nomads who travel the world and share their experiences and tips by blogging about their adventures.
  10. The Jetpacker – The Jetpacker shares tips, deals, advice, resources and information on how to have a 4-star trip at a 2-star price.
  11. A Travelers Library – All kinds of great travel related information and tips.
  12. A Luxury Travel Blog – This blog is updated daily with posts covering travel destinations, tours, hotels, restaurants, bars, guidebooks and much more.
  13. The Cool Hunter – The Cool Hunter is filled with reviews of the world’s hottest hotels accompanied by amazing photography.
  14. Gadling – A travel blog loaded with travel news, tips, advice, deals, stories and much more.
  15. Where I’ve Been – A blog that promotes the wonders of travel in all its forms, whether it involves news, tips, or stories.
  16. Travellious Excellent blog with a great motto “Travel Smart, Travel often, Travel Rebelliously”
  17. The Vacation Cruise Travel Blog – A wonderful source and guide for information on cruising, vacations and travel!
  18. The Vacation Gals – Expert advice on family travel, girl getaways, and romantic escapes.
  19. Beachhouse Blog – Some excellent travel tips, deals, and advice on this blog. Well worth reading and subscribing to, just like the rest of this list.
  20. Canada’s Adventure Couple – A blog by a traveling Canadian couple with some awesome posts that include amazing photos, vides, advice, and much more.
  21. IgoUgo Travel Blog – A very nice travel related social community with a great travel blog that is written by the community.
  22. Travel Rants – A travel blog that deals with various posts discussing travel consumer issues. Here you can find things you do not want to do while traveling; it may save you a headache in the longrun so that is why we had to include it.
  23. ProjecTravel – Travel Advice, Best Practices, City Blogs, and More.
  24. As We Travel – Awesome travel advice and stories that cover amazing destinations world wide.
  25. RV Travel – News, information, and advice for RV travelers.
  26. Family Travel – Kid friendly travel tips, advice, and info so you can always have the best family vacation possible.
  27. The Best Travel Advice from Travel Writers – A round up the best travel advice received from the noteworthy travel writers and bloggers in our 5 interview series.
  28. The Practical Nomad – A travel blog by author, journalist, blogger, consumer advocate, and travel expert Edward Hasbrouck with all kinds of A+ tips and advice.
  29. Nomadic Matt – A travel site designed to keep people motivated to travel and contains travel information, travel tips, travel advice, travel news, personal stories, and photographs.
  30. Grid Skipper – Great info, maps and news for urban travelers.
  31. Online Travel Review – Online Travel Review has been publishing airline industry news and commentary since 2003.
  32. Chris Around the World – The former travel editor of USA Today has a unique perspective on travel – first as the editor of one of the best travel sections in the country, and now as a traveling blogger.
  33. Hidden Travel Gems – Off the beaten path exotic travel destinations and tips, the blog has some great posts that may inspire you to travel somewhere new and exciting.
  34. The Cheapest Destinations Blog – A blog on the world’s cheapest places to travel, with advice on budgets, savings strategies, travel deals, and cheap destinations.
  35. Journey Etc. – An interesting and fun blog covering different areas of travel as well as offering advice and tips for all travelers.
  36. 2 Guys Around the World – One of the top travel blogs on the web full of real world travel stories by 2 friends.
  37. Uptake Vacations Blog – Travel planning for family vacations, romantic getaways, and other trips.
  38. Delicious Baby – Another excellent blog about traveling with kids and how to have fun traveling with the kids.
  39. Budget Globetrotting – This blog is a great source of information for international travel and backpacking on a budget.
  40. On the Road Travel Blog – On The Road Travel is an online resource for independent travelers in South and Central America. This blog provides updates on current events and topics related to Latin America.
  41. Travel Junkie – Travel-Junkie is a multi-author travel resource to better serve the needs of travelers worldwide, all kinds of great advice can be found from the people that are there or have been there.
  42. Passport Chop – An online Blog/Journal of travel experiences around the world.
  43. Ms. Traveling Pants – Personal travel stories and insights from a classy and sassy world traveler, known on the web as Ms. Traveling Pants.
  44. Green Travel Blog – Eco friendly travel tips and advice for those of you that live a green lifestyle.
  45. The Travelers Zone – The Travelers Zone has information which will turn your vacation into wonderful travel experience. Get the latest travel info on vacation planning, budget travel, and family vacations.

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