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49 Blogs Posts About Older Adults and Travel

Posted July 15th, 2010
by Staff

Many of the older generation like to travel. Most have saved all their lives for this special time. Once they enter retirement, many have already planned where they will go. From cruises to plane trips, there are all sorts of places and travel companies geared to the older generation. Some companies can set up your whole trip for you. All you have to do is show up. They can get great discount prices for a group of you and your friends to enjoy great resorts or casino trips. Here is a list of 49 blogs and posts to reference when thinking of making travel plans.

  1. Travel Sites – Here you will find a list of sites and tips that will help you when traveling abroad.
  2. Senior Destinations – This is a list of a few different places older people like to frequent.
  3. Summer School – Here you will learn about different programs offered to senior’s who still want to learn. It is an educational vacation.
  4. Types of tours – Here you can read about some different types of tours available to older adults.
  5. Perfect Vacation – Here you will find some ideas for that perfect vacation you have always wanted to take.
  6. Vacation Locations – Here are some great suggestions and a trusted team to help plan that vacation you are wanting to take.
  7. Singles Tours – No need to worry if you are a single Senior. Here are some tips and guidelines to planning a great singles trip.
  8. Tips and Discounts – Here you can read about some discounts and passes specifically for seniors.
  9. Kenya – Have you considered a trip to Kenya? Learn about traveling on safari to Kenya and what to expect.
  10. News Wise – Here you can find some travel tips for those baby boomers.
  11. Top 5 Travel Spots – Here you can find a list of the top five travel spots for older adults.
  12. Trip Ideas – Here you will find all types of trip ideas and tips when planning them.
  13. Guide – You will find here a travel guide to all things senior adult related.
  14. Blogger – Here is a baby boomer who writes about all things related to senior travel and having a great time doing it.
  15. Tips – Here are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling.
  16. Santiago – Read about this senior’s trip to Spain and her adventures she had there.
  17. Be safe – Take a look at this website dedicated to senior travel and being safe while you are doing it.
  18. Nepal – One senior’s adventures and their trip to Nepal.
  19. Air Travel – Here are a few tips on air travel for older adults.
  20. 151 Tips – Take a look at over one hundred tips on senior traveling. From air travel to cruise lines, you will find a  vast amount of information here.
  21. Top 10 Tips – Here are the top ten things to know when traveling.
  22. Senior Tips – From packing to budgeting, you will find lots of helpful tips here.
  23. Health Care – Read this informative post about health care abroad and what you need to know.
  24. Granny Look – Here are a few tips on traveling for older adults.
  25. 8 tips – Here are eight tips on air travel with older adults and how to plan for those type of trips.
  26. What Can Be Brought On a Plane? – Learn what you can bring on an airplane with you when you travel.
  27. Europe – Tips on traveling to Europe with an older adult and what you can do.
  28. Bejing – Here are a few tips and tricks when visiting Bejing as an older adult.
  29. Traveling on a airplane – Here you can find eight tips on safer air travel for seniors.
  30. Planning – Make sure to plan your trip before going so you are ready for anything that may come up. Here are a few tips to make sure you have thought of everything.
  31. Peter Greenberg – Peter writes about saving money in the off season and other tips for older adult travel.
  32. Go Travel – Here is a website with all different types of trips to take and tips on each one.
  33. Packing checklist – Here is a checklist to make sure you take everything you will need when traveling.
  34. Traveling – Here is a blog/website that is loaded with tons of information on traveling as a senior and areas most frequented.
  35. 10 Tips – Here are ten tips on being savvy senior travelers.
  36. Flying – Tips on anything from packing to landing at your destination, you will find help here.
  37. Savings – Here are few discount tips and tricks for seniors who want to have a beach vacation.
  38. Travel Programs – Learn about several travel programs that are geared more to older adults.
  39. Discounts – Here are several sites and listings to help you find the right place to go at the right price. This site describes what discounts are available to seniors and where to find them.
  40. Seniors driven to travel – Here is a blogger’s story of one senior he met who has traveled many places and is still going.
  41. Costa Rica – Here are some insider tips if you choose Costa Rica for your senior destination.
  42. Itchy Feet – Read about one baby boomer’s life and her travels with her family.
  43. Spain – Read here to find out some great ways for older adults to go to Spain.
  44. Travel Advice – Here you will find several pieces of advice from planning a rail trip to taking along children when traveling.
  45. Senior Gap Year – Read about some of the fears seniors have when planning their first trips.
  46. Senior Adventures – Here you will find a helpful site about all types of things related to senior travel, such as, discounts, places to go and ways to get there.
  47. Passports – Look here to find some things you should know about renewing your passport for travel.
  48. 50 Plus – Here you can stop by and learn about different destinations, tips on getting there, and the best way to find the cheapest deal.
  49. Europe – Here are some money saving tips on traveling to Europe.

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