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8 Fictional Sea Monsters That Gave Us The Creeps

Posted May 2nd, 2012
by Staff Writers

Dinosaurs vanished millions of years ago, but apparently, other mysterious creatures are still lurking at the bottom of lakes and oceans. Whether they come from folklore, shipwrecked stories, or merely our imaginations, mythical sea monsters continue to ignite our sense of adventure and wonder. To add to the mystique, there are many people who claim to have spotted evidence of their existence (but never had a camera on hand). Here are some famous mythical beasts whose elusive sightings really gave us the creeps.

  1. Loch Ness Monster

    The infamous Loch Ness Monster has captivated many enthusiasts from its first sighting in 1933. With a serpent-like head and body of a dragon or some pre-historic creature, the Loch Ness has been described as a “monster fish” or the extinct plesiosaur, another long-necked aquatic reptile that is now extinct. Although there have been many attempts to prove the Loch Ness’s existence, many hoaxes and unclear footage render this creature to be pure myth.

  2. Montauk Monster

    The carcass of a strange, elongated body with a jagged jaw and upper bony beak washed up on the shores of Montauk, NY in July 2008. The large canine carcass was so bizarre and creepy because of its decomposed state, which made it hard to identify what kind of animal it was. Dubbed “eagle dog,” further research proved that the carcass was actually a large raccoon, whose snout had decomposed to look like a bony beak. Speculation of The Montauk Monster was fun while it lasted, but it sure stirred immense interest in zoology and mystery animals.

  3. Kraken

    Lurking in the waters between Norway and Iceland, the legendary Kraken is a mega-huge sea creature notorious for attacking ships by capsizing them. Resembling a giant squid up to 60 feet in length, its enormous tentacles are the most feared by sailors and sea captains, as it’s capable of creating whirlpools, dragging even the largest warships to the bottom of the ocean. The Kraken continues to be a popular mythical sea creature, based on nothing substantial or real; only genuine imagination.

  4. The Hydra

    According to Greek mythology, killing the nine-headed sea serpent was one of Hercules’s Twelve Labors, since the creature was the guardian to the Underworld. Killing Hydra was no easy feat though, as the monster attacked using poisonous venom and one of its heads was immortal. Supposedly, the breath of Hydra had the power to kill men as well, which has striking resemblance to our modern day Komodo dragon, the only reptile on earth with deadly breath.

  5. Leviathan

    Mentioned in the Bible five times, the Leviathan is now a synonymous word describing any enormous sea creature. Many sources site this creature as a fierce, aquatic, and scaly animal, capable of devouring entire ships at sea. Whether the Leviathan was depicted as a killer whale or a giant marine dinosaur, its ruthless demeanor is known to cause great havoc at sea.

  6. Monster of Lake Champlain

    Affectionately known as “Champ,” locals near Lake Champlain in New York will tell you the story of the many sightings of a huge animal with a snake-like neck, rising 30 feet above water. There have been unclear videos of the creature, showing a blurry glimpse of Champ leaving behind an odd wake before submerging into mystery again. Whether the creature is real or not, locals love telling the story of Champ, whose home is still supposedly somewhere within the 125-mile-long stretch of Lake Champlain.

  7. Ogopogo

    This serpentine creature with a horse-like head was referred to by Native Americans as the “Snake in the Lake” while it inhabited Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It’s been sighted by thousands of eyewitnesses, but little concrete evidence solidifies its existence. Nevertheless, a law enacted by the Province of British Columbia in 1989 made it illegal to harm or kill the Ogopogo because of its status as an endangered species.

  8. Cadborosaurus

    Seen in the Cadboro Bay, British Columbia, Cadborosaurus is another mysterious creature with a long neck, horse-like head, and back bumps protruding from his spine. Footage was shot by Alaskan fishermen in 2009, adding to its many other sightings since 1937.

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